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Applications for 2023 (Closed): Click To View / Download


Applications for 2023 (Open May 10, 2023 - October 10, 2023 )

All completed applications must to be sent to

Please Use the Email Subject Line "NEMA Scholars Application - 2023"


The NEMA Scholars Program

The purpose of the NEMA Scholars Program is to identify, recruit, and help train young scientific professionals, students, and others embarking on a medical or clinical career to learn how to publish in the peer-reviewed literature. This Scholars Program is unique in the world in that it is open to students of all nationalities, at various stages in their academic or professional life, who are willing to participate in the program.


There are multiple pathways to entry into the Scholars Program. It may be through a university class, an internship program, or by direct invitation from a NEMA Research Group member. All candidates are asked to complete a short application form and to be available for a telephone or in-person interview of no more than 30 minutes.


The NEMA Scholars Program is free.


Upon acceptance into the Scholars Program, a participant will be asked to sign an agreement. This agreement is a simple document that describes what is expected of the Scholar and what the Scholar may expect from NEMA.


Every published article is unique and the experience and trajectory of each Scholar in this program is unique as well. NEMA provides guidance, information, and mentors who can help each Scholar navigate the experience.


NEMA will provide materials explaining medical publishing and how to write an article, including formulating a research question, selecting the category (narrative review, case report, systematic review, and so on), and conducting research. Article structure, bibliographic techniques, and medical writing style will be explained as needed.

Each Scholar will be assigned a mentor but Scholars are free to contact any member of the NEMA Research Group with regard to a specific project. The various NEMA members have specific areas of expertise and Scholars are free to call on those they feel will be most helpful. A list of NEMA members and contact information will be provided upon acceptance into the Scholars program.


Scholars are asked to set up a regular meeting with their official mentor to go over progress, identify potential areas of concern, and review what has been done. This meeting can be done by telephone, Zoom call, email, or whatever is most agreeable to the Scholar and mentor. The language of the Scholars program is English. For those whose native language is not English, the Scholars program offers free English-language editing of the paper if desired.


Scholars will have the opportunity to learn how to progress from idea to published paper with full support of the NEMA Research Group.


The Scholars program is demanding but very flexible. However, persons not sincerely interested in publishing a peer-reviewed paper should not apply. It is important to recognize that writing a scholarly paper is a complicated, time-consuming task and setbacks and pitfalls will be encountered. It is the responsibility of the Scholar to reach out if and when help is required, whether it is scientific expertise, writing stylistics, manuscript preparation, or time management.


Contact us at Please note that NEMA Research is a small organization and there is a limit to how many Scholars we can accommodate. 

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