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NEMA Scholars can benefit from associations with members of the NEMA Research Group, an international think tank who meet together twice monthly to publish articles on topics of medical interest. These NEMA Research Group members come from several countries, have professorial or other appointments at a number of universities, and may also have private practices or business ventures in the medical space. The NEMA Research Group members change with time but have representatives in the fields of anesthesiology, cardiology, obstetrics/gynecology, pain management, pharmacology, drug development, device-based arrythmia treatments, pulmonology, and other fields. These experts have extensive publication credits, including textbooks and peer-reviewed journal articles, and have specifically engaged with NEMA Scholars to mentor the next generation of authors in medical literature.

Currently, Mentors are affiliated with several universities in the United States, Sweden, and Italy, as well as a foundation in Italy and medical start-ups in the United States. Mentors also have an extensive network of colleagues which may be helpful as research projects and papers develop.

Scholars may be invited to attend the NEMA Research Group think tank meetings from time to time to discuss their ideas with the rest of the group. The emphasis at the Scholars program is on academic and scientific collaboration.

Every NEMA Scholar works with one Mentor who is the primary point of contact, however, NEMA Scholars may access the other members of the NEMA Research Group to tap into their specific areas of expertise.

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