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NEMA Research Scholars

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About Us

NEMA Scholars is a unique program designed to encourage young physicians, young scientists, and medical and research scientists to publish their first paper(s) in peer-reviewed journals. Publication can be crucial to the long-term career success of physicians, clinicians, pharmacists, and scientists. The Scholars program assists young and as yet unpublished authors to get sound scientific works published.



There are three main pathways into the program: by invitation, through certain recognized university classes, and by request. The main requirements are medical/scientific background, an interest in publishing a first article of high scientific quality, and an ability to work with a mentor who may be accessible only by virtual contact. Age, nationality, and first language are no restrictions although people who do not speak English as a first language may be asked to submit their manuscript to NEMA for a language review prior to submission.



Mentors are frequently published experts in their fields. They work one-on-one with Scholars to find suitable research subjects, craft a research question, determine the best type of paper to write and identify target journals, conduct a literature search, draft and review the paper and finally submit it and go through peer review.  Mentors are available mainly as subject matter experts and guides. Scholars have access to other members of the NEMA Research Group, the publication team at NEMA Research, Inc., for specific questions that the Mentor may be unable to fully answer.



There is no cost for the program but space is limited. Interested in learning more? Please contact us by email .

University Partners

NEMA Research, Inc. is proud to announce that its Scholars program has attracted the interest of students from Johns Hopkins, Temple University School of Pharmacy, Princeton University, and the University of Miami.

Graduate Training Programs in Clinical Investigation | Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (

We welcome inquiries from universities interested in working with us. Please contact

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